Bunny – Knife Throwing Cabaret Act


– Audience member Perth Fringe

Bunny – Photo Credit Andre Pattenden




Irreverent crazy lady, murderess and mixer of viagara and rohypnol cocktails!

Wielding an enormous knife and a borderline-psychotic smile . . . had us in fits of giggles. (her) comedy remained my highlight. Her crazed smile and stories of malevolent baking got the laughs of the evening.” – Perth Fringe – WEST AUSTRALIAN


Bunny has performed in 3 award nominated shows in Perth Fringe (Aus), Machchynlleth Festival, hosted at Edinburgh Fringe, appeared with Club Briefs sell out show (Aus), Marcel Luconte’s Cabaret Fantastique (Aus), Mary Bijou Cabaret, Komedia, The Social Club,  Bestival, Glastonbury Festival, Cabaret of Curiosities and other  choice shows.

Lovable psycho housewife Bunny is a domestic goddess with a difference.

Imagine meeting Nigella Lawson, Lorena Bobbitt and Myra Hindley all rolled into one around the kitchen table for a G & T and good old sing-along. Singing a song both cheery and dark in equal proportions about lost love and the demise of her ex boyfriends.

She loves a drink, cleaning and making her “special” recipe meat pies but for some reason she can’t seem to hold a good man down.   Help her on her quest to find true love and a lasting relationship, on the way you will find out some things about Bunny you may wish you hadn’t!

She will give you meat pie, sing you a song and if you’re lucky you’ll duck her flying knives.

This is a warning for all you internet daters out there.

Bunny is the top female knife thrower performing on the cabaret circuit in the UK and the UK’s first knife thrower.

Bunny Uke Smile - credit Andre Pattenden copy

photo credit Andre Pattenden


Spanning the gap between circus, cabaret and comedy and she equally happy in all of those genres.  She has made appearances in stand up shows  with top international comedians including:  Bryan O’Gorman (Canada), Jacques Barrett and Chris Franklin (Aus), Marcus Birdman (UK), Alexis Dubus (UK), Chico Will (USA).



From the moment she takes the floor, her adorable beam belies the awful comedic truth… Bernice, the Bunny Boiler is one damaged and deranged dame.

With poise, verve, and a dash of hot sauce, Bunny takes us on her ill-fated journey of love and loss. The loss of her men. Well, the untimely loss of their lives.

A joy to behold, this lady doesn’t miss a beat – with the audience held tightly in her sweaty palm, she delights and horrifies with equal measure. And she can sing! Her comi-tragic tale unfolds in the guise of a demented and catchy ditty. One can’t help but join in. And speaking of joining in – the audience participation was riotous – an innocent young man was yanked into the world of psycho pie-baking, gin slamming Bunny, oblivious to the fact that knife wielding would be added to the ne’er do wells list…

Bunny: acutely catastrophic – scarily plausible – definitely identifiable. Don’t leave your boyfriend anywhere near her…

Catherine Busby – Circus & Theatre Glastonbury Festival

“a perfect mix of creepy awkwardness, cute sing-a-long and sharp talents’ – Kelly Cook – award nominated Best of Fringe Spectacular – Perth Fringe – Twisted Vaudeville Circus

Bunny Bunny Bunny! You fed the audience meat pie and flirted with them as you did it! You are Mrs Lovett AND Sweeny Todd rolled into the dough of a Cabaret performer.

It is a well-crafted and fearless bit of story telling and song. 
You are a great performer Annabelle, thank you so much. George – Mary Bijou Cabaret (Machnlleth Comedy Festival)

Never again will I read an internet dating profile in the same light. “Adores cooking” yikes!

Bunny is hilariously entertaining, sexy and mischievous, Bunny is a must for any night of entertainment! You know something is funny when the crew are belly laughing.  Natalie – Mary Bijou Cabaret

You are the funniest thing I will see all weekend – audience member Machynlleth Comedy Festival (it’s possible he was a bit hasty as Stewart Lee and Simon Munnery were on the bill!)










Cabaret Act – between 9 and 20 mins depending on your needs

Full length show Bunny’s Killer Comedy also available.

Fun Fact:  After a few close calls, she also has a license to import dangerous weapons to Australia!