Goldie Fiasco – Cabaret Act

GOLDIE FIASCO – Cabaret Queen

 Comedy Cabaret Act.

Photo by Andre Pattenden



“Annabelle’s shows are always honed to perfection and her latest,

Goldie Fiasco, is no exception.

She manages to combine high skill and dangerous acts with approachable, realistic personalities: knives, bubbles and bawdy humour mix with excellent character observation in Goldie’s world. 

The attention to detail and comic timing are second to none, I always try find a space in my program for her acts and look forward to welcoming her again soon!”

Abigail Hill, Producer Loco Klub, Invisible Circus


Goldie Fiasco, wanna be burlesque star, a little beyond her prime

(don’t tell her though!). 

She’s still got “it” and gives it her all on stage.  Mistress of none and no-one but ever hopeful, she surprises even herself with displays of romantic ineptitude, booze drinking, bubbles, magic, sequins and crazy knife wielding. 

Will her victim survive?  or will she be legging it out of the back door

followed by the sound of sirens? 

Love her, laugh with her, don’t get on stage with her!   Call Security!



Goldie Fiasco is a BRILLIANT new creation that had our audience in stitches and one audience member nearly actually in stitches!

Her act mixed comedy and danger perfectly and was a real hit.  RECOMMENDED.”

Ziegfield and Paradise’s Cabaret of Curiosities – (The Cube Microplex)


Please note there is no nudity in this show, you’ll be glad to know, the only things she takes off are her glasses and her shoes.

The original and most original UK female knife thrower – has appeared in 3 award nominated shows in Australia as well as Cafe De Paris (West End), The National Theatre and street corners all over the world.


 An eclectic and unique act combining:

*  magic

* comedy

* fire-eating (if venue permits)

* sequins

* bubbles

* flying knives

* chaos, hilarity and great shoes


 We can safely (erm maybe that’s not the best choice of words!) say no one has ever attempted this combination before!

Fun time Goldie can perform for an adult audience OR clean up her act and present a wonderfully funny family show (let her know so she doesn’t get it wrong!).

We can’t guarantee the safety of the men in the audience (so if there’s any guys you think are a little bit cocky send them Goldie’s way).

International cabaret performer Annabelle has performed all over the world including 3 award nominated shows, Cafe De Paris in the West End, The National Theatre, Cannes Film Festival and on stages and street corners in Ireland, Belgium, Spain, France, Australia, Poland to name just a few.

Photo credit Andre Pattenden

Here she is being fabulous!




Oops! – time to go home Goldie?