Calamity Jane – Cabaret/Stage Show


Calamity Jane_gun_nocontact copy“Calamity Jane proved a hit within the St Patrick’s Festival (Dublin). . . a solo performance which caught the audience’s attention from the outset, as they empathised with the character, laughed along with the gags and . . . were rootin’ for her to find her man.”

Verena Cornwall Creative Director St Patrick’s Festival – Dulin

Yee Har!  Hot foot from the saloon bars of the Wild West Country (well the Dog & Duck actually) comes the hardest Cowgirl on the estate with her trusty steed Lightnin’!  She ain’t no fancy lady but she fancies Wild Willy and wants a boyfriend. She’s been practicing her line-dancing lasso to Dolly Parton so that she can impress him.

Calamity Jane lightnin cropRun for them thar hills if she gets her knives out or sings a song!

Maybe you’ll see how she gets her name! She’ll stand by her man if she can find one.

She’s as sassy as a bullock, as accurate as a blindfolded donkey, has the charms of a mangy fox and is usually as drunk as a skunk. Expect calamity all round!


Calamity has performed at:  The Hilton, Park Lane, Winchester Hat Fair, with The Invisible Circus, at Glastonbury Festival, Dublin, Mint Fest and too numerous street  events around the UK to mention.

Calamity Jane - SC 2012 - credit Hannah Edy

STREET SHOWS – 30 mins

STAGE/CABARET – 10 – 30 mins