Christalle – Snow Sprite Bubble Art

BRAND NEW ACT! Available all year round.

Click to watch video. Video credit Annabelle Holland

Corporate, Cabaret & Family Shows

Winter Snow Sprite, Christalle enchants people of all ages with her ephemeral snow and ice themed bubble art. 

Christalle creates entrancing bubble sculptures using magical smoke effects, complete with a beautiful soundtrack.  Enter her enchanting world where time slows down and focus on the gentle impermanent floating spheres.  Everyday life fades away while you are mesmerised by her bubbles.

Bubbles filled with swirling smoke look like magical snowballs, when they burst a beautiful cloud of smoke appears, adding to the atmosphere.


Each sculpture is a gift from Christalle that will disappear but remain in the memories of those who were lucky enough to share in that moment.

“This act, is beautiful, stylised to perfection with a pleasing ability to waken the senses.   It brings goosebumps to the skin and an absolute smile to the face”

– Vicious Von Vixen’s Vaudeville – London and Australia

Performance Options and booking information

Indoor Walkabout or Installation She can work with larger bubbles on request. 

Outdoor Walkabout 
Larger less controlled bubbles due to weather – great volume and impact, more energy and excitement.

Both small and large bubbles depending on area and situation.  This option can come with stunning smoke bubble machine used to create large numbers of bubbles, atmosphere, magic and and excitement.  Requires power.

Stage Act:   
Christalle stage act around 6 mins long

Versatile and great for family events and corporate entertainment.
There are some H & S and environmental requirements so it is good to have info regarding the event and environment before hand so we can find the right options for your clients and if the bubbles will work in your environment. Please note that the smoke effects are harmless and there is no glamourising of or encouragement to smoke during the act.

Please contact us for quotes and further info.