Sugar Plump Ballerinas

Frenetic Engineering - Sugar Plump Fairies tiny - A Jump High Res copyFrenetic Engineering tiny- Sugar Plump Fairies - N Jump High Res copy


SPF LEAP Larmer Tree

“Everyone is talking about them!  Whenever we have a bad day in the office we look at the pictures of Sugar Plump Ballerinas and it cheers us up!”  Larmer Tree Festival2013_Carolynwhite_017_wed.

Being rejected at the Royal Ballet auditions for being too plump and clumsy has not deterred these keen fairies.  They love crisps and love ballet dancing.

Angie Pavlova and Tracy Souflee take the spirit of dance to new limits in the premier of their interpretation of a famous dance – a new pas de deux – The Dance of the Sugar Plump Fairies!

These nutcrackers are in a class of their own, imagine Mavis Cruet meets Margot Fonteyn! Ballet will never be the same again.

Unstoppable and incorrigible the Ms’s Pavlova and Souflee will thaw the hardest heart and spread the joy of ballet to the masses!   Highly visual and interactive – encouraging the British public to pirouette!


Photo credits: Carolyn White at Larmer Tree Festival