Aurora’s Winter Wonderland – Street Show


Aurora’s winter wonderland street and stage show for all the family. Winter sprite from the cold lands of the north. Enchanting with beautiful outdoor bubbles that emanate the colours and impermanence of the Aurora Borealis, the closest we will get this far south. Not quite solar activity but a beautiful atmosphere!

Magical smoke bubbles

Involving the audience in a Snowbrawl! Will the polar bears or the reindeer win? Even if it isn’t snowing in your town she brings the snow and the best snowball fun.

Then it’s time to fill our stockings and warm our snowballs up with a fun game to see who gets to join in the breathtaking icicle throwing finale.

Ending the show with a seasonal celebration of life and

a snowstorm surprise!

30 mins performance – cannot be performed in rain or high winds due health and safety.