Lady Violet – Bubbles

Spring & Summer Bubble Act.

The Eccentric and Bubbly Lady Violet is hilarious, interactive and magical.

Perfect for spring, summer, garden parties, flower shows, fetes, family events and weddings, the eccentric and bubbly Lady Violet has taken a stroll from her country garden and has brought her special brand of fun.

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She fills the sky full with bubbles and magical falling blossom. Highly interactive and fun for all the family, Lady Violet is larger than life and is a whole lot of eccentric in one flowery package.

Walkabout, Installation, Stage Act

Indoors she creates beautiful bubble sculptures sometimes with smoke and outdoors she will make bigger bubbles which enchants the children and makes them feral with fun.

Her floral, musical bubble trolley houses her tricks and bubble magic.

Weather and atmospheric conditions will dictate what is possible with bubbles at your event. Please contact us to discuss this.