Mutha Truckers Walkabout

“This original walkabout had us in stitches, from the Meet and Greet to crowd control to the trucker innuendos.

Mother truckers have to be seen to be believed! I will have them as our venue’s welcoming committee any time.” Abi Hill – Invisible Circus

Darleen Thelma-Louise Hackett and Billie-Jo Clampett take you on a comedy journey into the glamorous world of female truck driving.  Logistics with lipsticks.  The world is their motorway.






Pull into the crawler lane Eddie Stobart and best hide your Yorkie bar, our heroines of haulage are gonna knock it up a gear, blow your doors off and kick you to the curb!

This sure ain’t the school run, they are tough girls in a mans world. They exist in an exciting and adventurous whirlwind of CB Radio jive, line dancin’ and rip roaring truckin’ songs.

These sassy wide loaders have a beau in every Services but being ladies they never let them South of Mimms! They may dream of the wayside temptations of Road Chef Jeff, the possibility of parallel parking with Taunton Dean or tail-gating Michael Wood… but they’re consciously uncoupling Charnock Richard.

Mutha truckers don’t give a rubber duck … they’ve got a bear on their tail, a payload of dreams and they’re headed for a full service at Knutsford (city limits).

Carry on Truckin’ rear-ends the Dukes of Hazard, Miley Cyrus and Convoy with hilarious results.

With a road trip soundtrack track mix and, of course, our larger than life saucy yet family friendly, good ol’ fat bottomed girls give good truck chat and gggrrreat airhorn!

Hold onto your hats for a new kind of convoy! The Mutha Truckers are headin’ into your town.


Funded by Arts Council England through Theatre & Circus – Glastonbury Festival